Heal The World We Live( No Profit Association)

Organizzazione non Lucrativa o acronimo O.N.L.U.S. come citato dal comma I Art.10.del D.Lgs 460/97

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The Heal the World We Live welcomes you and wishes you happy navigating…….

The Heal the world we live No-profit Association operates at a national and international level in

establishing recovery program and protecting those less fortunate in resolving minor inconveniences

and offering health services to improve standard of life, in particular helping economically

disadvantaged families. We also aim to meet the needs of single mothers with children not yet of

school-age providing shelters and toy libraries where children can stay for a few hours or participate

in entertaining activities or after-school services and educational courses for socialization. Further

information on the following pages. Thank you for visiting our site.


The President (Carmen Autiero)

The Vice President (Grazia Di Somma)

External collaboration Officer (Loredana Dellarota)


The entire Board of Directors, according to the statute, has the following name: "Heal the world we

live ONLUS" headquartered in Naples, via S. Antonio a Capodimonte, 46 - PARK VILLA

TERESA. It has been read, approved and signed.

The combination of that association is not for profit and pursues the purposes specified.

In order to achieve the social goals specified the association will utilise all the possibilities provided

by law. According to the Statute the following make up the institution: the General Meeting, the

Board of Directors, the President, the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Board of Arbitrators and

the Board of Auditors. 


+39081/0330312 FAX + TEL



 email address  healtheworldwelivein@libero.it 

official close collaboration with Papyrus Ebers Accademie     ( Germany , Italy ) To Support the progect of the " Rainbow Clinic " ( The First European Michael Jackson Children's Clinic




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