Heal The World We Live( No Profit Association)

Organizzazione non Lucrativa o acronimo O.N.L.U.S. come citato dal comma I Art.10.del D.Lgs 460/97



The association is directed towards the pursuit of charitable work, intended to bring benefits to the

disadvantaged, as specified in paragraph II of Article. 10 D. Lgs. December 4, 1997 n.460. "Nonprofit

social organization" ONLUS ", as required by Section I of the article 10 of Legislative Decree

460/97. The Association is headquartered in Naples, via S. Antonio a Capodimonte, 46 - VILLA

PARK TERESA. They may establish branches throughout the Italian territory, the European Union

and any other country recognized by the Italian Government. The association is a non-profit

organisation, and exclusively pursues charitable purposes in the field of health care and social -

health, charity and education for children and people physically, psychologically and/or socially

disadvantaged, present within the Italian territory or in new developing countries throughout the

world. The association pursues the method of continuity, which targets the satisfaction of basic

needs, protection of human life, self-sufficient alimentation, the development of human resources,

improving the status of disadvantaged groups, especially children. Its action is expressed in

particular through:

• Solidarity and voluntary work in Italy and abroad in particular, health care for children , the

treatment of infectious diseases, and social-health, within and / or through the use of structures,

public and private, on the Italian territory;

• long-distance support, participation in international co-operation and development programs,

involvement of people, organizations and institutions that can help improve the living conditions of

the world's poor, possible deployment of volunteers in developing countries;

• informative activities, including the regular publication and other media;

• conferences, meetings and seminars both in Italy and abroad;

• exhibitions, shows and cultural events;

• related websites;

• research and study activities, including working with public agencies and universities, fund-raising


• receiving and collection of contributions and / or grants from public, private, and territorial and


• entering into agreements and / or arrangements of any kind for the achievement of its aims of the


• training on site and in Italy as citizens of developing countries;

• the activities of child care and the promotion of education;

• dissemination and implementation of educational programs regarding co-operation and

development at national and international levels, primarily aimed at the prevention of abandoning

children and intended to ensure the continuity, as far as possible, of a child within their family of

origin or, depending on the situation in a foster or adoptive family of the country of origin, in

accordance with international norms and in particular the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

of 1989. The association also aims to recognize, promote and ensure a child's right to family life,

conducting its activities in the field of personal services, particularly family welcome, in pursuit of

charitable purposes. 


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