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Rainbow Clinic (Clinica Arcobaleno)

Many times, when engaged in a new project one aims to make the most of their ideals in order to

maintain maximum performance from themselves and from those who believe in them. The design

of the Rainbow Clinic was founded through thorough analysis of the status of children at an early

age often subject to recurrent hospitalization, leaving their daily routines behind and the things that

accompany and delight them during their days. Therefore with these children in mind we have

designed a structure that is not only state of the art but that can also perfectly meet their emotional

needs, allowing constant contact with family members, and providing a hospital that does not

disturb the psychological status of children patients. Doctors who use a smile as their first point in

their medical prescription, very few white coats, as well as a healthy emotional journey through

games and colour, in the hope that the medical therapy practiced by the doctors will have a more

   positive effect, as has been recently demonstrated through some pf the most advanced

The decision to dedicate this project to MICHAEL JACKSON: 

When you decide to do something great you do so to try to reward a great feeling that has been

carried in your heart for a long time, and when you cannot do so alone, you try to realise your dream

with the help of those who carry the same great feeling within their hearts. A special gift, a memory

that lasts throughout time to bear witness of actions and to give voice to silence, to give back the

love received and that which has not been demonstrated, a pillar that does not fear the ravages of

time, but that remembers moments, enjoys time passed together, that joins our hands and combine

our voices in believing in A BETTER WORLD .. "Heal the world we live in .." save it for Our 


IN COLLABORATION  with " The PAPYRUS EBERS ACCADEMIA "   Germany  &  Sicily ( Italy )


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