Heal The World We Live( No Profit Association)

Organizzazione non Lucrativa o acronimo O.N.L.U.S. come citato dal comma I Art.10.del D.Lgs 460/97


Hi Dear Jermaine… we are the Association “Heal The World We Live In” O.N.L.U.S and we want you…

Help us to support us with LOVE and with HEART...We all have a very beautiful dream ,let us show you Our big Project. Well , we've create together with other friends, a no-profit association ... which will support the children, not only in our country but also around the world. ... So We Have to explain the greatest dream about! To building an Hospital in loving & in Memory of Michael Jackson your Lost Brother! We Are Already to pubblish our Web site and the Italian people 's Dream !!! By the way we need to share this emotion with someone who loves Michael for real and with somebody who knows so well who is him , So this is why we asking you to be our SUPPORTER and Our OFFICIAL ASSOCIATION MEMBER !!!!
It would be very very nice if you could Accept it !!! We are really Speechless to talk to you in this way, it means that we loves you so much from the bottom of our hearts ....♥ ♥ ♥.
Please Mr Jermaine Jackson , trust in us and In our love that it will be Forever for you'r Lovely Family And expecially for YOU !! We need your support and your help because we believe… you are first a GREAT MAN before to be a BIG ARTIST......!! Please take care and think about it !!!.
We will thanks you for the love you have for your fans and for your brother Michael!!!
God bless you always…and welcom to us… Glad to wait for your answer ... and thanks for your attention...
We exend our greetings

The “Heal The World We Live In” no profit assocation  
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